BCUA: Overpeck Valley Sewer Relief Project
  Project Description

  • Installation of 900LF of 72” concrete pipe across the Hackensack River, Little Ferry, NJ
  • Excavation depths ranged from 20’ to 45’
  • Pipe lengths of 20’ were placed on pile supported concrete caps.

Sequence of Operation

  • Temporary earthen terms were constructed at each shore line approximately 100’ in length
  • A steel sheet coffer dam was installed 18’ wide with three levels of walls & braces.
  • Excavated material is placed on barges to be reused as backfill.
  • Steel “H” piles were driven every 20’ to support the concrete caps.
  • Pipe was set by divers with the hydro pull method of joining.
  • Pipe joints were grouted and the base of the concrete caps were pumped with concrete to secure the caps to the supporting piles.
  • The pipe was backfilled and the sheeting was removed and reused for the next 100’ of pipe installation.

The project was completed on schedule and recently received an "Honorable Mention" in the December 2009 issue of

Trenchless Technology Magazine.