Homestead Avenue Interceptor Extension, Hartford, CT
  Contract 2008-49
Work includes the installation of 3,000 LF of 72” PVC-Lined Reinforced Concrete Pipe via microtunneling through varved clays up to 45 feet deep and 450 LF of 72” RCP using open cut methods through congested city streets.  The longest drive was 1200LF.  The work included microtunneling beneath I-84 and Amtrak railroad tracks. In addition 450 LF of 30” FRP jacking pipe will be installed using Pilot Tube Microtunneling. There are a 4 cast-in-place concrete chambers to be built for transfer flow into the new system.  All excavated material is stockpiled and characterized prior to disposal.

Location: Hartford, CT 

Date:Current, Projected Completion Spring 2011

Owner: The Metropolitan District Commission

Contact Information:
Alan Pelletier, PE, Project Manager
Metropolitan District Commission
555 Main St
Hartford, CT 06142-0800
860-278-7850, x-3440