42” Transmission Main Beneath the CSX DeWitt Rail Yard
  Work included the microtunneled installation of 700 LF of 60” OD Permalok steel casing pipe under CSX’s DeWitt Rail Yard, the sliplined installation of 700 LF of 42” HDPE inside the casing, the open cut installation of 200 LF of 42” DIP, and the interconnection with the existing 42” PCCP transmission main. Work also included the construction of two shafts (35’ & 31’ deep) adjacent to a creek and the removal of 800 LF of existing 42” steel water main from within a culvert beneath the rail yard.

Location: East Ellis Street, Between Girden Rd and I-481 Overpass, East Syracuse, NY.

Date: Fall 2006

Owner: Metropolitan Water Board of Onondaga County, NY

Contact Information:
Mr. David E. Fitch, Administrative Director
4170 Rt. 31
Clay, NY 13041-8739

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