Package 7- WNY1 S/F Facility Solids & Floatables Removal Project
  Construction of a new solids/floatables facility adjacent to the Authority’s River Road Wastewater Treatment Plant on Hillside Road, West New York, NJ. To install the ne w Facility this project required the removal of approximatly 5000 cubic yards of a Hill Side consisting of bedrock. An Architectural Shotcrete Retaining Wall was installed with Approximately 300 soil nails ranging in depth from 10’ to 45’. Major modifications and connections to existing 54-inch combined sewer, installation of new a 30-inch wastewater influent line, and architectural improvements to retaining walls at the wastewater treatment plant adjacent to the new Facility.

Location: West New York, NJ

Estimated Completion: August 2008

Project Owner: North Hudson Sewerage Authority

Contact for Owner:
Mr. John Tobia
99 Cherry Hill Road
Suite 200
Parsippany, NJ 07054