Restoration of Upper / Lower Aetna Dams
  Contract No. 2006-1
Work included the demolition of existing earthen dams and timber spillways and the complete reconstruction using roller compacted concrete (RCC) and precast post-tensioned spillways. A total of 14,700 CY of (RCC) was poured in 14” lifts a top approximately 2000 CY of conventional mix. Each lift was faced with an architectural colored concrete with exposed aggregate finish, totaling 1000 CY. Two 320’ x 50’ cofferdams were installed. Due to proximity of the new cofferdams with existing structures, a variable moment hammer was used. The cofferdam area was excavated and the RCC dams were constructed inside each cofferdam. Precast post-tensioned spillways were installed through each dam.
Location: Medford Lakes, NJ

Location: Medford Lakes, NJ

Date: September 2006 to July 2007

Owner: Borough of Medford Lakes
1 Cabin Circle, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055

Contact Information:
Borough of Medford Lakes
Richard Knight, Borough Manager